Advanced Medical Billing specializes in reducing administrative costs, improving revenue, decreasing A/R, and streamlining office processes.

We free up your precious time, eliminate worries, and make your practice more profitable.

Spend time with patients, not paperwork.

Less complexity and more productivity are the keys to making your job less stressful. We can help!

Having a dedicated medical billing partner will increase your cash flow and free up your precious
time and resources allowing you to focus on patient care and growing your practice.

With Advanced Medical Billing, you get:

A billing partner that you can depend on.

Medical billing is confusing, complicated, and constantly changing. We focus on getting the work done quickly and accurately allowing you to focus on what’s important, seeing patients and growing your practice.

With Advanced Medical Billing in your corner, you have a dedicated team that’s a phone call away whose full-time job is to stay up to date on industry changes and to do everything it takes to get you paid. With our knowledgeable staff handling your billing, you collect more at a lower cost and get paid faster.

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