Medical Billing Process

Helping Your Office Achieve Success – The medical billing process begins by building a strong team between your front office and our billing experts. Our billing professionals will work closely with you and your staff to ensure the proper data is collected and claims are processed quickly and accurately.

Data Entry – Most clients prefer to enter basic information themselves such as demographics, diagnosis and CPT codes and other encounter information. This data can be entered electronically directly into our software from any Internet connected computer. If you’d prefer, we can enter this information on your behalf as an added service. Alternatively, if preferred, a paper superbill can be faxed to our office. All clients receive a dedicated, unique fax number free of charge. Although encouraged, an integrated EHR is not mandatory. Our Practice Management software is fully integrated with its own EHR, but it also integrates with dozens of other EHR programs, and more are being added on a regular basis.

Claims Submission – Regardless if data entry is performed by your staff or Advanced Medical Billing, an encounter form is created in our Practice Management software. We then carefully review each encounter manually, make sure everything is accurate, and then submit your claims electronically. All that’s required of you is to get the information to us so we can process the claim. If your staff is doing some of the data entry into our EHR, they simply enter a few fields such as diagnosis and CPT codes and click “submit for review”. It’s that easy. At that point we can then review and electronically submit the claim. Nothing additional is required by you or your staff.

Claims Follow-up – We constantly monitor all claim submissions and aggressively follow up on all issues to be certain that they are received in a timely manner and paid in the shortest time possible. We then proactively follow up on any claim that has been rejected, denied, or underpaid or on claims where there has been no response from the insurance company. We handle all of this for you as part of our unmatched medical billing service. You will never have to worry about claims follow up or tracking unpaid claims.

Secondary Insurances – We provide the same thorough level of medical billing services for secondary claims and at no charge to you. We will automatically bill any secondary insurance at no extra cost. Many billing services charge extra for this service.

Patient Billing – Each month we send out statements for any amounts owed by patients for co-pays and deductibles. All questions regarding patient bills are directed to our office, not yours. Our professional and friendly staff will review your patient’s bill with them directly and answer all their questions. This service alone relieves a huge burden from your staff. Your staff will no longer have to answer patients’ questions about their bill and will be free to perform other duties.

Pricing – Our medical billing fees are percentage based and are typically between 5% – 7% of the amounts collected (not billed) from both insurances and patients. We don’t get paid until you do.

There are several factors that determine the exact percentage you are charged. Some of these include:

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