Secure Access to All Information

We provide a fully transparent service to our clients which includes providing them with 24-hour secure access to their billing information. You can choose to have as much or as little interaction with our software as you would like. Some of our customers simply send us their billing and we take it from there. If this is what you would prefer, we will provide whatever reports you need to manage your practice and you do not need to interact with our software at all.

Other clients prefer a more hands on approach and like having access to our system. We can provide a login to our software, and you will have 24-hour secure access to patient demographics, claim status, powerful reporting, and more. Reports are easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet or to a .pdf allowing you to keep track of how your billing is going, and how your practice is doing financially.

Our software allows you to exchange information easily and securely with us. You can upload documents and send secure messages through its built in HIPAA compliant messaging system. You can also use its excellent scheduling feature to keep patient appointments in order as well as other resources such as rooms and equipment. It is also very easy to convert a scheduled appointment into an encounter form which further simplifies and streamlines the billing process.

Even without an EHR subscription, there are many features of our Practice Management software that are available to you at no additional cost.

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