The Startup Process


Initiating the Process – After agreeing on terms and a start date, AMB will send an agreement to you that will need be electronically signed. This agreement is not a long-term contract but rather a document that simply outlines terms and expectations of each party. Along with that agreement, we will also send a HIPAA Business Associate agreement (BAA) for your review and signature. If your practice has a HIPAA BAA that you would prefer to use, it may be sent to us for our review and signature. Our team will then work closely with your practice and staff to obtain the necessary information about your practice and providers. We will send you a link to complete an online form which will give us the information we need to allow us to proceed with setting up your account.


Data Migration - We can work with you to migrate existing patient demographics from your current system, or from an Excel spreadsheet into our billing system. You can continue to use your current EHR or use our preferred vendor Kareo which offers a fully certified, web based EHR that includes integrated telehealth, billing, analytics, MIPS reporting, and more. As a preferred billing partner, Kareo give us a discounted rate on their EHR. We pass those savings along to our clients.


Setup and Training - We will setup your account free of charge regardless of the number of providers, staff, or locations. Our software vendor provides free web-based training on the use of their software including the optional EHR. We can also setup commonly used reports which can be sent to you automatically or can be ran with the click of a button. In addition, we offer free email, text, and phone support during and after the setup process.


Going Live - We work closely with you and your staff before and after you “go live”. Our startup team ensures that all setup has been fully completed and completed correctly to avoid any issues with outgoing claims. This greatly reduces the chances of any problems and interruptions in your cash flow. We will then monitor all claims and electronic remittances closely to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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